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About the AMI

The Australian Marketing Institute is the preeminent professional association for marketers. We provide cutting-edge marketing theory and practice to fuel the careers of professional marketers. We deliver this through accreditation of tertiary courses, training programs and events. We celebrate marketing excellence through our Awards program.

For Marketers

At the Australian Marketing Institute we believe that collaboration, accountability, learning and professional standards are important to the growth of the dynamic marketing profession. The AMI provides an array of valuable, cost-saving membership privileges that support members’ career and commercial needs.

For Corporates

Corporate membership of the Australian Marketing Institute is an affordable way to develop skills and attitudes necessary to sustain a competitive advantage and to integrate those attitudes into a corporate culture. It supports the ongoing professional develop-ment of marketing employees in your organisation and assists you to build and maintain a marketing culture and awareness.

For Educators

The key focus of the Australian Marketing Institute’s Accred-itation, Endorsement or Recognition process is to provide educators with industry feedback, knowledge, and experience for curriculum development and improvement. This will ensure continued professional relevance for marketing graduates, enabling them to perform at a high level in a changing and competitive business environment.

News & Marketing Blog?

Deadline for new nominations extended until 7 May 2019.?Submit before midnight on Tuesday, 30?April 2019 to avoid late fees

The AMI Awards have evolved over the years in response to new development theory and practice to reflect the growing appreciation of the critical role of marketing as the vital source of value creation for a business. This year, there are 18 standard categories and 7 special categories covering areas from Brand Revitalisation, Customer Experience and?Marketing Team of the Year to Campaign of the Year.

Interviews with AMI Board Directors

Watch the AMI Board Directors sharing their views on the future of AMI going into 2019 and beyond, while reflecting on the latest marketing trends.

PWC’s Journey To Digital Trust Report

If the lifeblood of the new digital economy is data, then its heart is digital trust. It’s been long established that building – and keeping – the trust of customers is a non-negotiable, writes Steve Ingram, the leader of PwC Australia’s Cyber practice and Asia-Pacific cyber leader.


AMI and VETASSESS Partner to Support Skilled Marketing Migrants Thrive in the Australian Market

Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and VETASSESS, have partnered to develop a skilled migration assessment criterion to support Australia’s thriving marketing sector. The partnership between the AMI and VETASSESS.


Our Partners

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